Eczema on Eyelids

Eczema on Eyelids

Eczema on Eyelids: Irritable Disease

The following video is from Dr. Mercola who is an expert in natural remedies. This video provides useful information about how to treat/manage psoriasis and eczema.

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Eczema is common disease that affects every person; however eczema on eyelids is an inflammation in the eye and its surrounding areas; characterized by peeling, swelling, bleeding and other atypical irritations.

Eczema on eyelids is caused due to many reasons; such as due to the dust particles surrounded by us; micro insects that doesn’t appears commonly in a naked eye can enter into our body parts; polluted gases; due to disturbances in temperature or weather etc. Apart from these, our irregular diet, excessive drowsiness or lethargy, heavy eye make-ups, continuous long journey without precautions and other disorders in our body also causes to eczema on eyelids.

The symptoms of this condition are very clear to identify without any major examination. The most common symptoms of eczema on eyelids are crashing, burning, swelling, and blotching etc. The symptoms also vary from adult to child; in children the eyes become tearful whereas in adult it seems very dryness. A patient with common eczema may perform her/his works or daily routines; however patient with severe eczema is unable to perform any work due to severe pain, irritation and dejection.

Compared to other common eczemas on any part of body; the treatments chased to eyelids must be very cautious and secure. This is because, we can do ultraviolet lighting to other body parts affected with eczema; but the strokes of UV rays will burn the eye surface as this skin is very thin and sensitive.

The patients affected with eczema on eyelids must undergo with natural therapy. The neem seed oil is very helpful for eyelid eczemas; for severe cases the large amount of neem seed oil can be apply on the affected areas, which will cure very rapidly.

Next you can go for Aloe-Vera; the plant is available everywhere. Cut-out the leaf from the root level and remove the skin of the thick leaf with a knife; then apply the inner gel like cream on the affected area. It is one of the best Ayurvedic medicine used by many Indian saints thousands of years ago.

If you do not get neem seed oil or Aloe-Vera in your locality, then better consult your physician as soon as possible. Instead of Aloe-Vera, creams with Vitamin-E can be used for immediate precaution and cure. Most of the doctors do advice for taking steroid creams; steroid creams are also effective to recuperate eczema on eyelids; however excessive usage of this is not consent may cause wrinkles on the applied areas.

In severe cases of eczema, doctors’ advice to take immunosuppressant such as prednisone; however excessive usage of this also causes to several side effects. ‘Squalene oil’ is too much expensive; but not more than that of an EYE. A single drop of Squalene oil can be mixed with the moisturizer and apply on the affected areas.

A person who works on laboratory research, and do regular facial or eye make-ups must take precautionary steps every day. Patients of eczema on eyelids must avoid foods such as egg, maize, soybean, nuts, coffee and other allergic diets of eczema.

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